Weight Loss Support Group

You are not alone when it comes to your weight loss struggles. This program is for those looking to be put on track to their weight loss journey through exercise, nutrition guidance, and accountability. Participants will be put through a comprehensive guided 3 days of education on portion control, the "right" foods to eat, meal planning, tracking tools, and exercise guidance for your body type and fitness level and much more. Participation in exercise classes at A & B Fitness Concepts during this program will also be included at participants convenience.

Prerequisites for this program:
1. You would consider yourself a beginner to working out or not involved in a consistent exercise class or program.
2. Your weight loss goal is 20+pounds
3. You are committed to taking the time to get yourself on track to a better, healthier you.
Minimum: 3 Maximum: 10

Read what other's have said about the program!

"What I have really loved about this group is the team spirit feeling. I find it very motivating to know that we are working together, sharing the same struggles and triumphs, and encouraging each other to learn through the classes what we need to make life-long changes to improve our health and well-being".

"I used to dread working out, but taking the class with the group has been inspiring.....now I actually look forward to a good workout! (never thought I'd say that :) "

"The 8 day program is a great way to kick start your weight loss journey. It gave me a fresh prescriptive on what and when I should be eating everyday, and the workouts were challenging and fun. I found having the support of the group, and taking the time to learn about nutrition and exercise in a different way was refreshing and inspiring"

Contact us if you are interested in doing the program. Info@abfitnessconcepts.com


Lori's Story

There I was… looking at myself in the mirror with disgust after not being able to button yet another pair of shorts. Ugh. They were my favorite pair from last summer and now they were unwearable. Hadn’t I sworn to myself that I would lose 10 pounds over the winter? I kept gaining even though I tried every internet-recommended diet I came across and paid for a monthly gym membership. I knew I needed to do better for myself. Then I had my “light bulb” moment, that moment of realization that the best I had felt over the past couple of years was when I had participated in a 10-day boot camp with Becky in Jan of 2013. The results motivated me for a couple of months but then I reverted back to old slug-like habits for over a year. Mustering up the courage to reconnect with Becky wasn’t easy. I knew once I did I would have to commit to a program and I wasn’t really sure I wanted to put in the hard work. I was out of shape and a little embarrassed that I had gained so much weight since I last saw her.

Reaching out to Becky was the best thing I have done for myself in a very, very long time. From the moment I told Becky my weight loss frustrations and my goals, a burden was lifted from my shoulders. She was interested in my whole story and suddenly I wasn’t alone in my struggles. She introduced me to a weight loss support group that touches on every aspect of my life. It incorporates fitness, diet, accountability and self-care. In the few short months since making the commitment, I have learned to love my body, imperfections and all! I am experiencing results that are beyond my expectations. Not only have I lost weight, but I am doing it in a healthy, realistic way that is sustainable. I feel stronger than I have in years. It’s hard work, and I have a long way to go, but I am determined to continue caring for my body for the rest of my life.

Oh, and those shorts that didn’t fit? Well, I just tried them on and not only can I button them, but they may even be a little baggy… ☺ Lori