Off Ice Strength Conditioning and Injury Prevention

Group Training

Conditioning off ice is a key component to every skaters training program to emphasis body awareness and muscle imbalances specific to figure skaters and to help prevent injuries. Following a comprehensive off ice workouts through periodization cycles will help to advance and assist in development of spins, jumps, and various connecting turns and movements. Program will focus on improving flexibility, balance, coordination, speed, agility, and core strength.

Off Ice Conditioning:
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 10:45am - 11:45am
Location: McFarland Ice Arena
Cost: $32/month or $10 drop in's.

Individual Training
Private one-on-one lessons are available to focus on individual needs and goals to help progress skaters condition and their bodies to the best of their abilities.

1x a week $60/ session
2x a week $50/session
3x a week $40/session

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Working with figure skaters for over 6 years has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. The dedication and commitment these kids put into their training both on ice and off ice is commendable. Many hours of training, competing and traveling goes into this sport by not only the athletes but by the entire family. I am so proud and blessed to have met so many wonderful skaters and their families. -Becky Ingebrigtsen

Southern Wisconsin Figure Skaters visit the residents at the Light House Assisted Living House. Halloween 2013.

I've been working with Becky for about 2 years now. She's helped me gain a lot of muscle that I need to become a successful figure skater. I've had many hard times within this sport with injuries as a major setback. Becky has helped me through a lot of it and still is. I've been on the road to full recovery and she's one of my biggest motivators!

--- Emma Laurent

From dancer to figure skater. After many years of dance experience, my daughter Rosalyn decided to try figure skating. It didn't take long for her to realize that skating was her true passion! It also didn't take long to realize that skating at a competitive level required physical strength beyond what she had expected. That's when we found Becky. She has helped Rosalyn grow not only in flexibility, but also in core strength. Becky has helped Rosalyn grow in strength and in personal confidence. We just recently traveled to Pennsylvania for a skating competition and, on our way home, we stopped at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) because that is Rosalyn's favorite reality show (Dance Moms). As you can see from the photo, Rosalyn is just as flexible as the sign! Thank you Becky!!! Rosalyn works hard for you because you not only challenge her, you also have ways to make it fun for her. And, not surprisingly, the hard work is making her a better skater! Becky -- you are the best!!!

--- Linda R.

I think Becky is a wonderful personal trainer because…..
1). She has a way of motivating you to do your best and look great.
2). She makes you look forward to coming because she is so understanding.
3). She does a great job of understanding why I’m doing what I am doing and immediately knows what I need to work on.
4). She knows how the body works
5). She really believes in you and makes you feels so good about yourself.
6). She starts out being just your personal trainer; she will become your friend like she has to me.
I have seen a tremendous improvement on my strength, flexibility, and endurance. She has helped me understand why I am doing certain stretches and how important it is to stay happy and healthy. I think Becky has helped me achieve that goal.

Emily B. Age 11

My daughter has been a competitive figure skater for several years and has worked with other off ice trainers. Becky has been able to motivate my 15 year old and push her harder than any of the trainers that she's had in the past. And my daughter actually enjoys Becky's workouts more!

Bonnie H

As a Mom of an 11 year old figure skater I was concerned about risk of injury given the demanding movements, punishing jumps, and frequent falls of the sport. Becky works with my daughter Emily on a wide-range of general exercises as well as specific drills and stretches to enhance Emily’s on-ice performance. Since working with Becky on a weekly basis, Emily´s strength and conditioning have improved dramatically. Becky provides the right mix patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm to keep Emily engaged and motivated to meet increasingly difficult fitness challenges both on and off ice.

Bonnie B.

As a figure skater, my daughter works with Becky once a week to improve her off-ice conditioning, flexibility and endurance. Within just a few weeks we could see the difference it has made in her skating, and an unexpected benefit is that she truly enjoys participating in the program. Her motivation and desire to get stronger and more fit is apparent, and this is a something she will carry with her well beyond her figure skating career. Becky's ability to tailor the class to a certain kind of athlete and design the drills to be challenging, yet fun, is something that we all appreciate.

Nicole S.

Becky has been very helpful in my skating career. She has made me a stronger skater in my core and legs. The exercise she has me do are very challenging but fun at the same time!! Becky is really sincere if we did a good job or not. Class is really fun every week. Also every week she has new things that always keeps me on my toes!


Becky at A&B Fitness started training my son, a competitive figure skater, with her off ice program starting in the summer of 2013. Not only does Ethan enjoy the class & looks forward to it every week; but also learned at his annual physical that his BMI dropped by nearly 20%. Certainly the off-ice class has helped achieve that success! Thanks!

Julia Dorn