I want to break up…it’s not you, its me…

We are almost one month into 2014. New year’s resolution’s have been made, some have been kept, some were shorter lived. When making goals not everything has to be so long term and 12 months long. Goals need to be realistic and attainable. But to get to where you want to go they need to be made and you need to work towards them. When you stop to think about how unhappy you have been with something in your life; your weight, a relationship, a job….what’s 6 months of hard work and patience when you have been wanting the change for years.

Fill in the blank for yourself: Dear self, I am not happy with…………. I want to break up. For the next 6 months I will change………………………………to help take steps to my ultimate goal.

Take it one step and one day at a time. Share your goals with others. You may be surprised how many people are also making little changes to make their life the happiest it can be.


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