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Live Happier in 2015

Live Happier in 2015

New year’s resolutions have not really been my thing. I can count on one hand how many times in my life I have actually even made one. To be realistic I think I would only need  a thumb and index finger to signify past new years resolutions. At this time in years past I have never really stopped to reflect for a few moments to think about personal goals, what changes would I like to make, what would make me happier, and more fulfilled? Fear of not completing these goals and feeling like a failure would stop me from starting and trying.

At this time each year I am also typically consumed by other people’s resolutions. Weight loss is at the top of the list of the most commonly made resolutions. It’s also the most difficult. Seemingly fun, new, and exciting at first and then BAM it hits you like a cute, small newborn baby waking from it’s sleep and screaming  uncontrollably and not knowing what to do for it. Actually it’s a lot like a newborn baby. From the start the newness and excitement seems to give you this superhuman power to wake every 2 hours to take care of your precious gift with energy and a smile on your face. Your attitude is positive as you are feeding off of the reward you feel from taking care of this beautiful face you longed to see. And then you get tired, really tired, really really tired. You go back to work, or taking care of other kids, your house needs cleaning, you don’t have the same time for friends, success for the day is defined by doing one sink load of dishes the entire day. Life happens. Taking time to workout? HA! Yeah right! You don’t have time!

For years my goal was to provide the best, most exciting, and motivating workouts ever for people so that when life happened and that baby started screaming and the feeling of not having enough time set in my motivation and workouts would help them keep going throughout the year. It worked for some people but not for other’s. So while others were planning their new years resolution I would not be making mine. Instead I would be racking my brain for how this year would be different. How could I get more people engaged to continue their goals for 12 months not just 1,3,5 months?  I guess you could say I am a little late to the party. It took me 8 years of trying different, but similar programs, challenges, and ideas to engage people. I was a little late but after I started listening, I mean REALLY listening to people’s stories, struggles, history of weight loss programs, weight loss successes, and then weight gain. After I started listening I started understanding that weight loss is so far and beyond just food and exercise. There is an emotional piece that needs to be tapped into and understood. We have the most resources, supplements, and exercise facilities EVER and yet we are the most obese, malnourished we ever have been.

Diet’s don’t work and short term weight loss is not rewarding enough to keep our spirits high to keep going when it gets tough. Those thoughts and listening to others is what inspired my idea for a “Diet” tree this year. On the tree it has individual’s goals, things like running a 5k, Half Marathon, doing more yoga, walking more, etc. And it also has something people would like to diet from. What a true diet should be….dieting from something that does not fit in our plan to be healthy and happy. I love being able to read things like “facebook time, negative self-talk, mindless eating, tv, staying off the scale” etc. It is also what inspired the weight loss support groups offered at A & B.

Well the world is not the same, and neither am I. This year when I think of New Year’s resolutions I am excited to make mine. My focus is on being healthy and happy in a much more meaningful and deeper way. I want to be more deliberate, more creative, spend less time on social media, spiritually fulfilled, and take more time for play. I encourage everyone this year to take their new year’s resolutions a little deeper and think of health as more than just food and exercise. Nourish your professional life, relationships, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Change your way of thinking of a diet. Don’t diet and restrict yourself from certain foods. Diet from things that don’t have a positive impact on the bigger picture of life.

If your goal is weight loss, make the goal to lose the weight during 2015 and that weight you lose will be lost FOREVER. Lose it in a way that you will be able to be maintained for the rest of your life, not just during 2015.

Make the goal to be wholeheartedly happy this year. What this means and looks like is different for each person. I have started a list from observing, researching, and reading and hope to continue it throughout the year. I hope this list gives you ideas for your New Year’s resolution and ideas to live happier and healthier.


People who are happy…..

  1. Sleep

  2. Exercise daily

  3. Enjoy play and downtime

  4. Share their experiences and feelings with others

  5. Eat well and meal plan

  6. Get creative

  7. Don’t overschedule or overcommit themselves or kids

  8. Are deliberate

  9. Don’t compare themselves to others

  10. Have control over the time spent on social media

  11. Think positively about themselves and their bodies.

This list will continue throughout the year and I hope you create your own or build off of this one.

Here is to a year full of happiness, health, and working on your health on many different levels.