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Summer almost over? Time to make more memories!

The darker mornings and cooler weather seems to have some of us in a panic that summer is almost over. Good news, you have the entire month of August! Its just a matter of deciding what you are going to do with it?

This summer has been different then last year for my family and myself. Last summer was full of competition with almost every weekend  a half marathon, triathlon, 5K runs, mud runs, color runs, glow runs, you name it! and every Friday or Saturday night of that weekend was packing up clothes, helmets, snacks, pumping up bike tires, hydrating, etc. I was running my best I ever had, we were winning our sprint triathlon relays, I was strong, lean, happy with my body weight, and TIRED.  My family was my biggest fans; making signs and riding bike on the courses to cheer me on, making signs for the runs, helping pack and hardly ever missing a chance to be at the finish line.

This summer I have slowed down. Not taking enough time to rest has forced me to ease up on the competitions this year and has given me muscle fatigue more then a 31 year old should feel at this age. And I am okay with it! I have enjoyed watching Dale and Iris compete and being the one at the finish line cheering. It has also given us that precious family time together that we all need. I encourage you to take a look at your calendars and plan out some time together as a family, something for yourself, and some time with your significant other. Your time is one of the most valuable things you can give someone. You define what makes you happy and what happiness is. What do you want to accomplish in August that would make you a happier person? My happiness is coming home after a late evening to a home cooked dinner on the table with my husband and daughter waiting at the table with no TV, phones, or computers. Just us and 30 minutes to talk. It couldn’t get any better.

What are your August plans?

Need some ideas? Here are a few ideas my family has done so far. Don’t panic, you still have plenty of time! Some of the most memorable and fun family time wasn’t spent during a big vacation get away. We have shared the most laughs and conversations just having some quiet minutes to ourselves.

1. Bike Rides

2. Tennis. Iris has been taking lessons this summer. It has been a lot of fun going to the courts together helping iris and Dale and I getting in some game time.

3. Walks

4. Swimming. Local pools or beaches, we have enjoyed it all. Pack a lunch and make it a picnic experience as well.

5. Fishing. Watching Iris cast her barbie fishing pole and catching nothing has been been a ton of fun. Her face lights up and she is so proud of herself. We also have a salmon charter fishing trip planned for August. Its always an early morning but so worth it to reel in that big fish and spend time with some of the most important men in my life.

6. Camping

7. Runs. We have all competed this summer. Iris has a natural love for running and Dale and I ran his first half marathon together.

8. Parks. Bike, run, or walk to a new park. Its a great change up of an old routine.

9.  Farmers markets

10. Horse back riding

11. Water parks

12. Zoo

13. Chicago.Its hard to run out of things to do while in Chicago!

14. Mallards and Brewers Games

15. Concerts on the square. This is been one of the best quality times for us. A great local evening out for Dale and I and also a scenic relaxing space for all three us to play board games and have dinner together without distractions.

16. Cookouts

17. Picnics on our living rooms on cold days. Family time doesn’t have to be a huge planning event!


Unplug! Amber and I have both dedicated this summer to our families and making memories for our kids and ourselves. You would be surprised how many minutes a day we spend on our phones, surfing the internet, “catching up” on facebook, watching TV, etc. All of these minutes add up and are precious moments we could be giving to our families. I have discovered Google Plus as a way to share pictures with my family and also to add descriptions of what the event was for Iris to have as an online photo album she can look back on. As much as  I love facebook to keep family and friends in the loop what we are up to, I have dedicated more of my time to putting these memories in a book for Iris and spending more time talking to family and friends about what is new in our lives instead of posting it.

Make a summer “TO DO” list. We have had fun the last few summers making a list of things we want to do with Iris’s input. It doesn’t have to be big things! A trip to a new ice cream place together, planting flowers or a garden, sitting outside and looking at the stars, etc. There is still plenty of time to plan we just have to make the time to do it.  I will bet that everyone will remember those memories for a very long time.

“Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories.”

Forgive or Forget?


Forgive or Forget?


I have had the pleasure of being in the fitness industry for 10 years now. Helping people who struggle with weight issues has been the biggest part of my career.  For 10 years I have seen similar patterns with the way people think and react to their choices. When asked what has stopped my clients from losing weight in the past, I have a pretty quick response for you….their minds, our own heads! I am very honest with those I have been working with, the only time I have gained weight was when I was pregnant with Iris, and some don’t even count that since it was due to pregnancy. Because of my underactive thyroid, turned OVER-active after I gave birth I was wearing some of my pre pregnancy clothes 2 weeks later. Sick, right? Well hate me for that, but I can tell you I may have you beat with my own struggles of wanting things to be perfect. I want to do everything RIGHT NOW. I put tons of pressure on myself to be successful in all aspects of my life. I have seen this over and over with clients. Our need to be perfect, and when we are not, feeling like a big failure. Whether it’s eating perfectly “clean”, working out as much as we think we should. Feeling like we need to do everything right, every single day stops a lot of people from even beginning.

 While I can’t share with you a personal experience of weight gain or loss, and I can’t break confidentiality of my clients and tell their stories, I can share with you my own learning experiences and disappointments. We are all a work in progress.  As soon as we accept that, the less we will let our negative thoughts about our behavior control us. When we recognize that something new begins after something ends, you will be on track to your self-realizations. I recognize that there are things I think I know that end up not being true, and I am learning to roll with it.

I am a great judge of character………but I have also been fooled.

 I would like to think that after so many years working closely with people I am an above average judge of character. The past is the past, but I can admit that I have been completely thrown for loops and turned upside down. We have all had the “wow I can’t believe it! “moments   The moments you don’t know if you should be upset over something someone has done or said, or giving out awards for their acting skills. I recently saw a quote….”I don’t LOSE, I either WIN or I LEARN” I think that is an awesome quote with a great message, one that many can relate to something in their life.

We have all judged something or someone wrong. But we jump right back up and don’t let that stop us from being successful.  I have witnessed it with many people recently, and have been AMAZED with the strength they have had to keep moving forward. Relationships, injuries, self-doubt, sicknesses, it has all been there with clients in the last few weeks. But I have seen inner strength seep out from people that has been very humbling. Don’t let negative thoughts from yourself or others stop you from what you want to accomplish.



I am honest…..but I haven’t always been completely truthful.

We all have that friend that is just a little too truthful. When asked for their opinion they give a little more then what we bargained for. I’m a great one for ignoring the question and answering it half way, it drives my family and friends crazy. Why do I do it? Sometimes to save someone’s feeling.   Sometimes I am just not ready to answer until I have the right words to say.  And sometimes I don’t answer at all (another thing that drives people crazy). I think some questions don’t need to be answered because the person really does know the answer. In reality we can’t protect people from everything and communicating is key to successful relationships. Sometimes we just need to hear certain things even if we really do know the answer. Something I am working on!

Maybe you have done this while logging your food.  You have been honest when logging in your journal, but have you been completely truthful in logging every single item? If not, those few extra small bites may add up throughout the day and can make a difference.  Be truthful, is your weekend social events maybe adding up to a few extra calories that isn’t making your body composition numbers budge?




I am a great communicator….but I am also an AWFUL communicator.

So I am great at telling people what to do and when to do. Really I am great at bossing people around. J But I have also realized when it comes to my own needs and wants I am awful at communicating feelings. Something I have definitely worked on and have helped me be a happier more fulfilled person.


I have found that the people who get the best results from trainings and classes are those who communicate what they need and their concerns. Those who have been the most successful with their goals while taking classes are those who have asked questions; what class is the best fit for them and their limitations? What is a good class to start out with? Those who have been most successful while personal training has been those who have asked for the tools they need to keep making progress on days we are not training together.



I am confident….but I am also hard on myself.

I get teased a lot for being confident. My secret? I stick to things I am good at. But I think it is time to step outside my box. Being confident may not be a bad thing and I do try new things all the time, I am one of the people who will try anything once. But maybe giving things a second or third chance isn’t a bad thing either if you aren’t a rock star at it the first time.

This can be related to a workout. Don’t just challenge and push yourself to the point that it is difficult, push yourself to where you may fail….it’s ok! How will we know our limits unless you test it and push it. And don’t write off something after the first time just because you thought it wouldn’t work for you or was too hard for you. By gaining strength as you continue to workout you will be surprised how it makes other things easier. It may be time to go back to that class that kicked your butt the first time.



Ease up on yourself. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Forget about the things that are not important to improving yourself and your family.

Don’t compare yourself to other people. As I mentioned, I work closely with a lot of people and know many secrets…..everyone has something they are not happy with. But those who have been honest with themselves and have communicated their needs and the path that they are going to take have been the happiest.  HAPPINESS….what more could we ask for?